Friday, October 19, 2007

I don't suppose one of the Ayala guards...

happens to be one who believes in that peaceful internal struggle crap.

I mean if American airports, supposedly heavy in security, can be penetrated by undercover agents carrying hidden bombs, then less at-risk facilities like Glorietta would be a walk in the park for terrorists.

In fact, in my estimation, the only reason Glorietta has security guards around is for protection from legal action in case something like what happened today took place. Well the bombing did take place this afternoon and it would be highly unlikely that the mall would be successfully sued since it can make a convincing defense that it did everything in its power to secure the place from any attack. In short, the guards are really for legal protection rather than real security.

In fact, had I been a real terrorist, I would've found it so easy to sneak in a small bomb. I've always mentioned this, though not in this blog. And I think I've been, unfortunately, proven correct today.

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