Friday, October 19, 2007

An explosion in Glorietta

Early reports say it was an LPG tank.


Update: The explosion took place somewhere near Landmark and Glorietta, near the Luk Yuen and Red Ribbon area. An accident or is someone trying to escalate things?

Update: A certain Leah Navarro of the Black and White Movement seems to have been in the area. The conspirialist in me wants to believe that the movement is behind the explosion somehow. I mean you're telling me that Ms. Navarro just happened to be at that place coincidentally and got hold of ANC for no reason and blame you-know-who for the explosion? Oh well. Perhaps it was just coincidence.

Update: If I recall correctly, Luk Yuen has lots of glass windows. You know the type that becomes a wave of shrapnel when something explodes nearby.

Update: On the other hand, I can't discount ROPers waging their peaceful internal struggle again. Who knows how much gas they kept in their tummies since Eid exactly last week? It's been proven that farts do make a hell of an explosion. They might've postponed their little celebration because of last week's tight security.

Update: It seems Mel and her officemate were at Greenbelt when the explosion took place. They heard nothing. Good to know that they were far from danger.

Update: Makati. Can't wait for the lameness meter to hit high again when Mayor Binay blames the President for this. I'm sure he'll find some sort of reason to do this. Everything's PGMA's fault after all. No need to think you lowly peasant!

Update: Senators are fighting the temptation to get involved in the Glorietta explosion. Oh my. Expect more exlosions coming from their butts.

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