Monday, October 22, 2007

The blogpost below reminded me

of something Congressman Teddy Boy Locsin mentioned in his program "Karambola" [DWIZ 882 kHz, 8 - 10 am, hosts: Teddy Boy Locsin, Boying Remulla, Alvin Capino, Sonny Escudero, Jonathan dela Cruz] about why Filipino clerics have little chance of moving upward in the ecclesiastical ladder.

In that program's 16 August 2007 episode, Locsin says in effect that Rome was aware of Filipino bishops' liberal policies that were more contraceptive-friendly so Rome usually decides against putting them into positions of influence. That's news to me actually.

I wanted to transcribe and post the program but my schedule, being full these days, has kept me from finishing it. So here's the audio instead [.wav file, 14 Mb]:

<bgsound src="" loop="1">

Check it out. It was a very informative episode. I was surprised to find out that one of them was alive and listening (!!!) when Pope John XXII (died at Avignon, 4 December 1334) made a "liberal" speech which the Vatican suppressed. Of course, there's much discussion there about the Church's dirty secrets like the fact that contraceptive was "debated" in the 7th century for its efficacy in better Christian parenthood.

In this regard, do check out that very enlightening episode from "The View" which has been the focus of discussion in St. Blog's Parish last month.

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