Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ahh more reason to bully people. Thanks Karen!

In her interview with Senator Panfilo Lacson, Karen Davila proposes a rule should be created that will prohibit resource persons or witnesses from bringing or using cellphones in Senate hearings. She argues that this move will force such persons or witnesses to act on their conscience rather than be "coached" by outsiders.

Good thinking Karen! While you're at, have the presumption of innocence and access to lawyers thrown out as well. We all know that everyone being grilled at the Senate is guilty of whatever pathetic little crimes you can dream of and doesn't deserve something as fundamental as protection from bullies.

Senator Lacson thinks it's a good idea! Imagine that! Senators can badger people and abuse them with impunity since little people have no access to lawyers who can remind them that Senators have no right to bully people.

Imagine that, Karen Davila thinking like your average Bolshevik and Maoist. Whodatunk?

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