Thursday, September 13, 2007

A thought:

The media, especially the big two golden calves in the country, constantly wants the average Pinoy audience to believe that they are exclusively the defenders of the weak and needy. In order to prove this, they pick on some hapless public official, who, in one of a hundred or so times of threading the straight and narrow path and upholding the best ideals of his office, finds himself in the receiving end of a harsh media campaign due to a small infraction caused by his lousy attempt to entertain temptations.

It happens all the time. So regular is such occurrences that they have lost their shock value and have become stunningly boring. I dunno if the big bosses have noticed this, but apart from the bland showbiz scandals and the political machinations, there isn't much to awaken the slowly drowsing masses apart perhaps from actually airing pornography, but we could easily get them through pirated DVDs and the internet without the annoyingly long advertisements popping in every five minutes or so.

So what to do?

Here's one. How about making another favorite target for constant pounding and incessant grilling, the way journalists do to the President almost daily. But who or what could the new target be?

Hhmmm... Think, think, think... How about Islamists? Yeah! That's it!

I recommend Islamists. And yes, I'm being discriminatory here. It's a bit like being biased against about eating freshly excreted dog pooh and being more inclined towards a nice plate of freshly cooked Risotto from Amici di Don Bosco. I have very discriminating taste. He!

On the other hand, what's wrong with adding a new approved target for your daily breakfast bashing? Mocking PGMA isn't shocking me anymore. Islam not too good for you? Why not? I mean some of you have actually explored the limits of political correctness. You guys just need a little encouraging nudge to explore the depths like these guys attempted to do:

Too bad it didn't go as far as it ought to do. Anyway, it's your right and obligation to do it right? Exposing dangerous groups that are subverting the public good is supposedly your God-given obligation. Exploring and shining the light on the philosophy guiding Islamists is exactly what you're looking for. So I suggest you jump in and do Islam. It's a mountain of opportunity for sensation-hounds like Korina Sanchez. Additionally, explore Islam apart from the phony testimony of Islamic scholars who do nothing but do their Pinocchio song and dance gig and act as PR handlers for the guys who go boom in the public markets and bus terminals in Mindanao. I mean if you're looking for dirt on a politician, you don't make his lawyer your exclusive and infallible source right?

So here's my challenge Korina, Ted and to all square pinoy journalists other there who wants me to make their advertisers happy: expose Jihad and Islam and do it 24/7/365.

PS: Don't blame me or PGMA if you get blown up. Mwah! ^_^

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