Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things on my head at the moment:

  1. In the Erap case, the former President admits signing a trust agreement with what was formerly EPCI Bank. His defense in court says that he signed the document as a "guarantor". That's news to me, since as per my recollection of my Trust Management studies, there's no place for guarantors in trust agreements. Perhaps in a loan agreement, but highly unlikely in trust agreements.
  2. Vidal Doble's right. You can wiretap with the help of phone companies, and these companies do wiretap. Two years ago, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company invited my uncle to their office in Makati and I came along. They interrogated him how some international calls originating from the Middle East terminated from his house. They wouldn't get any information on the nature of matter if they didn't listen to the calls being made.
  3. DWIZ's Michael Rogas sounds terrible on air. Someone please fire him.
  4. Too many Filipinos think in socialist terms, i.e, they expect the government to do everything for them, including providing them with good jobs.

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