Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lunch in Iloilo

The other night, we had dinner at Krock's in Greenbelt. The occasion reminded me of the time we went to Nat's and Tat's restaurant in Iloilo. It's just near SM City.

My cousin said the owner of the famous Tatoy's resto and that establishment is the same. So we decided to have lunch there last Wednesday to try out the cuisine. Here are some my impressions of the place:

  • We weren't at Greenbelt, but the food's too expensive. We paid less for more food at Krocodile than at Nat's and Tat's.
  • I kept saying, where's the meat on this chicken?
  • Food's too expensive
  • They kept sending us the wrong order
  • Food's too expensive
  • There are no locks on the toilet stalls/cubicles.
  • Food's too expensive. And we didn't enjoy their cooking.
  • Sorry but the cuisine simply didn't justify the price. We wouldn't mind the price if it was good, but it simply wasn't.

In case you find yourself in Iloilo, you know what to do.

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Anonymous said...

The comment you made reflects the title of your blog.It would be a surprise reading positive feedbacks from you.
So go on and rant some more.