Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PGMA orders the destruction of all smuggled luxury cars

Although I agree with PGMA's intent to send a clear message of "hey, there goes your money up in smoke" to smugglers, I still find the whole thing a waste of good money.

But I guess the sight of a Lamborghini being crushed would be fun. A steam roller's kind of boring though. Perhaps a Scorpion tank or one of the good ole' LVT's the Marines have. Having them run over a Ferrari would be cool! The government should turn this to a big-time event.

I think there's still time. Foreign and local tourists would probably pay good money to see that. A monster-tank rally with 20-million-peso luxury cars being crushed. What fun! The media should also pay for rights to cover the whole thing. Yeah, that's it! In that way, the destruction of these cars wouldn't be such a waste.

The government should try to be more imaginative and turn what would be a boring, serious waste-of-money into a fun, money-making event for the entire family to enjoy.

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