Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm dying to get a hold of one of these:

I've seriously considered the use of solar power as primary source of power for ordinary and "extraordinary" circumtances. The extraordinary includes days like that which happened last year when a storm virtually left us without electricity for about a week.

The National Statistics Office reports that the appliance that has the highest contribution to an average household's power bill is the refrigerator with a freezer which averages 2,400 KWh annually. If you add your fluorescent lamp (132 KWh) and your TV (210 KWh), that totals, at least for the average household, 2742 KWh. And with an average cost of P4 per KWh, that translates to about P11,000 in electric bills annually, at least. Our bill comes to twice that amount.

If I use the solar-powered stirling generator to power my refrigerator, whether or not a storm's around, my power bill be slashed significantly.

Perhaps I could make a business out of this concept. Hmmm...

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