Monday, August 13, 2007

Egyptian Cleric Teaches Kids It's OK to Lie

The relevant qoute:
Mahmoud Al-Masri: Permitted lies. There’s no such thing as a “white lie” or a “black lie.” No, there are exceptions. My dears, the second kind is lying to the enemy in times of war. What does this mean? For example, somebody joins the army, and a war breaks out, between us and the Jews, for example. He is captured by the Jews, who ask him: “Where do you keep your weapons, where is your artillery, and where are your airplanes, and so on?” He knows, but what will happen if he tells them the truth? He will destroy his country, right? So what should he do? If, for example, he knows that the tanks are at Heliopolis, he should say they are at Hilwan. Is he lying or not?

Children: Yes.

Mahmoud Al-Masri: But it is permitted, in order to defend his country. Do you get it, my dears? So this is the second kind of lies that is permitted.

Lying to win wars? Sounds familiar?

And for some unknown reason, the Wiki page for Taqqiya is taking so long to download.

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