Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ang Nimfa Ravelo, bow

Back in primary school, we were taught in Filipino class that the article used for names of people are Si (for singular) and Sina (for pluar). The article Ang was to be used for improper nouns and names of things/objects. There is however a DZBB reporter who, I've noticed, consistently used "ang" for names of people. Her name is Nimfa Ravelo. I dunno if this is one of those idiosyncracies found in some Tagalog-speaking towns or provinces. Heck, I dunno where she comes from. Anyway, "Ang" Ravelo should be fined for murdering the language and giving a bad example to children listening her reports and program. And in some way, "Ang" Nimfa Ravelo's use of "Ang" for people's names instead of "Si/Sina" sounds a bit disrespectful and contemptous. I wonder if someone else noticed this.

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