Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Interesting take on slavery and freedom

Adonis: I believe it has to do with the concept of "oneness", which is reflected - in practical or political terms - in the concept of the hero, the savior, or the leader. This concept offers an inner sense of security to people who are afraid of freedom. Some human beings are afraid of freedom.

Interviewer: Because it is synonymous with anarchy?

Adonis: No, because being free is a great burden. It is by no means easy.

Interviewer: You've got to have a boss ...

Adonis: When you are free, you have to face reality, the world in its entirety. You have to deal with the world's problems, with everything ...

Interviewer: With all the issues ...

Adonis: On the other hand, if we are slaves, we can be content and not have to deal with anything. Just as Allah solves all our problems, the dictator will solve all our problems.

Hmmm... I just can't put my finger on it, but for some reason, I see in Adonis' analysis of Arab culture and psyche a faint semblance of the fatalistic passiveness ["bahala na"] of Filipinos. Perhaps this is a remnant of Muslim influence in the Filipino's psyche.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch and Relapsed Catholic

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