Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some thoughts...

First, although statistical evidences are by their nature flawed, the consistent statisitical reports show a very strong appeal of the candidates of the opposition. The consistency of the statistical evidence cannot be discounted. But I am hoping for the Filipino's liking for being a consistent contrarian and vote against the prevailing trend.

Second, having casually observed the current administration, I would say that this has to be one of the luckiest, if not the most fortunate, of all Philippine administrations. Despite all the doubts, allegations, coup attempts, scandals and whatever surrounding it, it's still in power despite the fact that it could easily have crumbled from within. This is in no way implying that the operators behind the presidency are skilled manipulators who could conjure up a unifed and specific action against every destabilizing attempt of the opposition, for we've seen, at least through the lens of the media, that that assertion is surely the least accurate. The president's men could hardly be called a monolith. Many times, they won't agree with each other on a petty issue, much less on addressing a major survival issue. Funny how the seemingly immense and numerous forces forming the opposition can't topple an internally-disorganized administration. Often, at the onset the opposition has the upper hand then somewhere along the way, it's steam and unity simply whimpers and peters out. I pray that the same takes place once more.

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