Friday, May 11, 2007

"Reliable source"

I just heard Korina Sanchez bragging about having a "reliable source" within the PNP feeding her inside information of various conspiracies instigated by the government. Hearing that reminded me of something from either the movie "Blackhawk Down" or a documentary about the Battle of Mogadishu. It was basically that the Americans were guided to their target's location by paid, reliable informants. But the Somali militia leaders said that the loyalties of the same informants belonged to them. In other words, the Americans were being fed with [misleading] information from double agents which led to the ambush and death of so many Americans. I wouldn't be surprised then if Korina's supposed reliable informants are simply feeding her worthless propaganda. I've learned so much in the past two years about how things in the media work. It's all a matter of public relations and selling stuff. I'm just worried that she's considered credible by so many Filipinos.

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