Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Telling Difference

I'm beginning to like Rene Sta. Cruz of DZBB, he's been consistently fair and balanced.

Having the chance to compare the news coverage between DZBB and DZMM is really worth something. Everyone should have the chance. For one, one would be able to notice DZMM's [especially of Ted Failon's] condescending tone, prejudging the hostage-taker and even the cops, who understandably, got the details of the case wrong initially. But Failon and Sanchez smirk at this, suggesting incompetence of the part of the cops, who just happened not to share in Failon and Sachez's omniscience. I would pay to see Failon's face when he was reminded by Ducat of his insolent, mocking tone when he interviewed him in a previous occasion. Sta. Cruz, meanwhile, knows Ducat personally and gives us a good background of the guy. He says he's no weirdo [though I plainly disagree with this] and that he's actually a wealthy guy predisposed to helping the poor folks at Tondo.

It is no wonder then that DZBB's slogan is "Walang kinkampihan. Walang kinikilingan. Serbisyong totoo lang." Roughly translated as "Not taking sides. Without favoritism. True Service Only," which is somewhat an innuendo against DZMM's obvious bent towards their own pet prejudices.

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