Thursday, March 29, 2007


I discovered the term "AIWAK" or "any idiot with a keyboard" from Mark Shea. That's basically true in the case of the US where internet availability is widespread.

For our country, I propose the term "AIWAC" or "any idiot with a cellphone". AIWACs are very active in "texting" (pardon the technical terms, hehehe) radio stations sharing their idiocy and ignorance for the public to know, if the public is smart enough to know them. The thing is, when it is aired on TV or radio, the idiocy is turned to something credible and grave. I understand that the volume of SMS messages that inundate radio stations would be impossible to sort for things that are totally idiotic. But in a way, I am heartened and relieved to believe, despite the current lack of numeric evidence apart from the anecdotal one, that most radio listeners are idiots and those that share and applaud the media's way of think are also idiots.

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