Wednesday, August 04, 2004


i failed to do my daily duty yesterday. well actually i did write a lengthy post which disappeared when my attempt at publishing failed. when i clicked the back button, the entire 2-hour worth post disappeared. i would've rewritten it, were it not for the fact that a) i had countless errands to do, b) i was up for about 36 hours with only a few minute intervals of sleep and so c) i fell asleep right before i was about to do it.

anyway, yesterday i found myself accompanying my cousin to a place in makati where she would be interviewed for a job. she's new in manila, so i had to wait for her until she her interview was over. i stayed at st. john bosco parish since i found no other place for that purpose. the church is separated by a yard and a fence from the school where i spent more than 10 long happy years of growing up.

a special celebration took place there yesterday. they were having a school-wide mass at the park. at first i couldn't figure it out since there were no big feasts for the day. it turned out to be rector's day, which marks the current rector's birthday.

bosconians, like those before them, have kept alive a tradition, singing the rector our version of the happy birthday song:
happy birthday to you (half day!)
happy birthday to you (half day!)
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to you (half day!)

i couldn't help but laugh out loud in church, attracting unneeded attention to myself from local people doing their devotions or just visiting the church. (catholic bloggers from the US would envy such a lively parish life there.) this time, the rector didn't disappoint them and gave them what they have been chanting over and over during the course of the presentations after the mass: half day! their classes were supended.

i would've loved to have the same break but i'm always needed here and i actually like the feeling of being needed often.

as i've announced earlier, expect light blogging from me. there had been lulls in my schedule before that gave me the chance to blog. this time, i might not be as lucky to have them. first of all, i haven't started doing the business proposal that i need to submit to my uncle so that the little project i've conceived of would eventually be a profitable reality.

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