Sunday, July 18, 2004

Why you shouldn't take the Left seriously

hhhmmmm... it's ok to publicly burn the US's flag in front of their embassy and chant provocatively anti-US slogans, but it's NOT ok if jay leno makes a silly joke about the philippine's cowardice in the sight of terrorism. this is rather interesting, especially when you realize that it comes from the very kind of people who complain that their freedom of speech is always threatened. but here's more:
"Mr. Jay Leno, the undisputed king of late-night shows in the United States, is nothing but a swashbuckling apologist…who will do everything and anything for the US' immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq," the group's spokesperson, Gerry Albert Corpuz, said in a statement.

does mr. corpuz actually watch leno? leno is as much as bush's apologist as dilangalen to pres. arroyo. he should watch more tv and discover that both sides of the political spectrum in the US see our pullout as mere cowardice. it has nothing to do with leno's politics, which if i could infer, actually leans more towards opposition to bush. talk about being an apologist for your enemy!
"Mr. Leno should apologize and atone for his irresponsible comments against the Filipino people's decision to pull out the country's troops in Iraq. He is in no moral and political position to make statements like that," Corpuz said
even more hillarious! corpuz should consider doing stand up comedy. he's really funny! perhaps he could appear in leno's show and do some of his acts there. he would be an instant hit.

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