Saturday, July 10, 2004

To stay

or not to stay

that is the confusion provided by the media. take note that both articles had the same source: associated press.

i don't know how keeping the scheduled pull out of our troops by august is tantamount to giving in to the insurgents' demands, but hey, let's spin it that way, perhaps those militants will believe it. i do sure hope that it works though.

but then again, there's something back in my mind wishing that this filipino hostage would be different from the rest. one italian hostage did try to make his death heroic. if the worst comes, the filipino should at least try to do the same. after all, he didn't come from the same race and creed of cowards who kidnap defenseless people and proclaim their great courage for doing so but hide behind masks when they go on tv. he may be the least worthy of all martyrs, but this is his own shining moment.

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