Wednesday, July 21, 2004

They were 96?

this article in time magazine, assuming that it was accurate, said that the philippine contingent was composed of 96 members: soldiers, policemen and aid workers. but only 51 were pulled out. are there still remaining filipino personnel in iraq or did their number fall to 51 when the hostage crisis took place? the article was published in february 2004. hhmmm...

it's a nice article though. reading it made me proud to be a filipino. despite our own impoverished condition, we still go out of our way to help:
"When the Filipinos work one area, Iraqis from other locations show up complaining that they're being neglected. That the Philippines is itself impoverished does not register here. The Filipinos are part of the coalition, so they are expected to have the answers and the cures."
and we deliver....

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