Sunday, July 04, 2004

Pimentel: KNP, kaput

he's weird. just a couple of weeks ago, he made many of us believe that he's delaying the canvassing proceedings for a legitimate cause, one for justice and the benefit of all filipinos. if that were true and that his allegations were in fact true, even if the president has been sworn into power and everything done, then his crusade for the "truth," which he and his colleagues in the opposition have been eager to uncover, should not end. thus, this sudden change in pimentel is suspicious on the ground that such abandonment of a cause happens only when the cause itself is worthless and baseless. should we then infer that pimentel and the opposition pursued a worthless cause and in fact wasted much of the public's time and patience? one may say that being a lawyer, pimentel merely played his part and "defended" his "client" even if all the odds, including perhaps the truth, are against them. i guess this could be a plausible reason, having marketed himself as a "man of principle" and being so, he should not back down on his principles. but then again this recent statement of his undermines that very principle. anyway, principles are good and people who stand up for theirs tend to be respected and admired, but shouldn't they consider first the greater good, the public before their little, narrow principles, especially when their principles happen to be about the common good? wouldn't it have been better if he surrendered his so-called principles beforehand for the common good of all filipinos, especially considering the fact that their claims were baseless and their actions petty?

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