Wednesday, July 14, 2004

One of those things

reading the various ruminations of our enlightened elite, i somehow get the perception that our munificent jihadists have already gained victory even if the philippines has not formally withdrawn from iraq. the predictable reaction of our patriotic opinion makers only show that we are powerless in the face of such a threat to our civilization, and their beloved jihadists are probably enjoying such a spectacle. it is the same spineless predictableness of our media elites that will probably encourage more of our heroic jihadists to do more savagery and barbarity because they know they could get away with it while the media will hail them as heroes fighthing for a lawful cause, even if their tactics are viciously aimed at defenseless people trying to make a meager living from scraps. instead of putting the people's outrage in its proper place, our fearless columnists divert the anger at the people who're trying to do the right thing in iraq, our troops and the aid-workers. they shouldn't be there in the first place, they all sing in chorus. when should they go there? when everything's peaceful, when the militants have ended their war, or in other words, when they're no longer needed? this is precisely the moment they are most needed there, the jihadits know this, but i guess our brave arm chair strategists in the local newspapers are too enlightened to notice it.

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