Saturday, July 03, 2004

MTRCB to crack down on an ABS-CBN show

apparently, the purported practical joke show went too far and actually aired lewd scenes. it is, after all, an abs-cbn show. hardly any surprise there. like i said before, the country's leading media network is dumbing down its programming to reach the masses. i don't think it ever crossed their mind that people could actually be interested in edifying shows for a change.

perhaps the mtrcb should also take a look at their news programs as well. they ought to subject "journalists" like korina sancheza, doris bigornia and others to closer scrutiny. if they want to clean up abs-cbn, they should begin with bigornia's mouth.

but then again, in this "battle" i have no doubt that abs-cbn will eventually gain the upper hand. they have the influence, the money and most importantly, access to every home in the country through radio and television. they can easily twist the entire episode to fit their spin, and most people would accept it without question.

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