Friday, July 23, 2004

More "overpopulation" news

"Chamie also noted the some governments, especially in the developed world, may be concerned about appearing hypocritical if they seek to increase their own fertility rates, while at the same time working to decrease fertility in the developing world. According to Chamie, 'Understandably, governments are reluctant to be seen as encouraging citizens to breed for the sake of the country. This is especially true for governments providing international assistance to family planning programs in countries aiming to reduce their comparatively higher rates of fertility and population.'"

what? no mention of contraception and abortion? i wonder why.
"Chamie investigated the effectiveness of a number of governmental responses to fertility decline, including promoting marriage and childbearing, reducing the costs of child rearing, and adapting work schedules to family life. He was not optimistic concerning these policies, concluding that, "the current and foreseeable efforts of most governments to raise their current low fertility rates to replacement levels seem highly unlikely."
why don't they just let some people, like say filipinos, take up the void? i mean filipinos share so much with europeans. they're catholics, mostly conservative at that; they have a westernized culture, earning for themselves the label brown americans (although some europeans might actually oppose them for this reason alone); they're highly educated and literate, they value education and really respect those with good education; they're gregarious and more sociable, which allows them to integrate themselves to the host's society; and more importantly, they don't blow up people to bits.

so why not migration? why not filipinos? after all, we're "overpopulated" down here, our enlightened media said so.

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