Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Media's new game

on ANC this afternoon, a headline read: "Iraqi officials, businessmen blame RP for incease in abductions" or something to that effect.

meanwhile, at TV Patrol, a different angle was presented and the preceding headline was never mentioned. what was this angle? that the philippines was justified in saving its sorry little ass, and that the australians, who rightly condemned that act of stupidity, were not in the position to criticize us, since in WWII we were sacrificed to save them.

i don't know how relevant that little bit of history is, but i know that for certain that filipino politicians feel that they made a huge boo-boo for supporting the pullout, for it has caused the rise in the kidnappings. the only way to soothe the pain the guilt brings, is to rattle on and on about the supposed righteousness of the deed. they're brainwashing themselves to believe their own words.

as always, in the same piece, we see Leftist militants protesting at the australian embassy, further proving my point that they are truly the jihadist's best friends.

anyway, nbc news reports that up to 70 people have been abducted since our little act of cowardice. dammit, 70! filipinos have to learn about queer little statistic and try to realize how much our insignificant acts can impact the world, but the filipino media isn't doing it, it won't allow that to happen, they're happy with their favorite side of the story, the simple and happy lie. after all, who wants the complicated and nasty truth that obliges us to act and feel some pain?

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