Thursday, July 08, 2004

It finally happened:

filipinos. abducted. kidnapped.

the gov't it seems is contemplating to give in to the jihadists' demands to pull out our troops from iraq. i wonder if they're just planning to take out the troops and leave our cops and aid workers there. the jihadists did demand for our "troops" to leave, but as far as the news reports i have here say, they did not mention our policemen and aid workers. plus with the relatively small number of the philippine contingent, i think it would be easy to have them leave iraq, after all, they do need the break. perhaps fresh troops could be sent in after the crisis is over. but i would strongly oppose any plan to have all our people leave iraq permanently because of these loonies. those guys are no different from the abu sayyaf, so why should we give in to their demands?

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