Thursday, July 15, 2004

I love it when Filipino journalists lie

they're too easy to spot!

why? because they simply parrot lies made by people elsewhere. filipino journalists don't exactly have the talent for coming up with fresh, original ideas, but given the chance, they can squeeze in as much lies as they can put in one sentence and hope that they can get away with it. here's some of the more obviuos ones:
"So it is one thing for the U.S. to send its brave but invariably poorest sons and daughters to die in the battle in droves, for the control of Iraqi oil for the lion’s share of Iraqi reconstruction; it is quite another for the Philippines to sacrifice one of its most precious economic resources for the sake of the U.S.."
again, the basic lie: the coalition went in for oil. riigggghhttt... it's absurd really. first, the US could've easily gotten more oil if it left saddam alone and removed its sanctions. once iraq returns to normal oil production, prices of oil would've fallen drastically because more oil would've been available in the market. that would've been the simplest and cheapest route. but did the US take that? it didn't of course. it had to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fund the war and its reconstruction but did it get the lion's share of the money alloted for it? ask the french and german subcontractors who have benefitted. plus oil prices hiked because of the war, did it help them at all? all the evidence points clearly that if oil was the US's prime motive, they could've taken hundreds of cheaper, more sensible alternatives than war.

but wait, what's this sudden talk of the OFW being our greatest resource? really? the fearless journalist has finally shifted from his materialist stand and actually embraced the concept that an individual is actually an economic resource rather than a burden? hardly. he's still seeing it from the fact that they're raking in foreign currencies while the rest of our compatriots in the philippines are leeches burdening the economy. the only difference is that guy made it abroad and the rest haven't. he's rooting for the guy with the dough, i mean the one who's been helping the economy. rrriiiggghttt...
"But when a Filipino hostage is killed because the Philippine government submits to U.S. pressure and refuses to negotiate with the terrorists, the message is that the terrorists can go on abducting and killing Filipinos, if only to teach the Philippines and not just its government the price we will have to pay to stay slavish to the United States because we can never get back at the terrorists -- certainly not with the 51-man “humanitarian” mission we sent to Iraq.... Not to give in to the demands of the terrorists would only give a passing pleasure to the U.S. government and a sense of vindication to some western reporters whose work is typified by the delighted coverage of the target shooting by superb Israeli marksmen of a Palestinian child cowering behind his father’s back. For that casual pat on the back from a big brother and a fleeting tribute from CNN, think of the price: the death of de la Cruz may send the wrong message to Filipinos out there in the Middle East that we Filipinos back here in Manila are prepared to see every last one of them killed so long as we keep America happy."
i don't know, poor proofreading? or just poor logic? i'll take the latter. first, he should be honest enough to admit that these people are fanatics on the verge of insanity, not unlike our journalist here. jihadists will abduct, kill and terrorize filipinos even if the nearest american is a billion miles away. we've seen it before with the abu sayyaf. negotiations or not, these people will kill simply for the pleasure and honor of killing an infidel. they have no reason for negotiations, they have nothing to give in return, even a person's life, for these people have no honor and and they're proud about their murderous deeds. just take a look at the attack at saudi last month. filipinos were killed, but was it for a cause of liberation or just the cause of jihad? did the OFWs made any reactions that they were placed there by the government in harm's way? filipinos, like americans, are everywhere. it's easy to get one and have him paraded on tv for various islamic causes. to portray one man's death as a betrayal on the government's part is bullshit.

i could've been kidnapped in the manila and the government would'nt earn the extraordinary responsibility of paying a ransom for me. why? because it would encourage more thugs to do the same. similarly the US wouldn't care less if the government refused to give in to my abductors' demands. whether the US is involved or not, giving in to these fine examples of humanity would be in itself scandalous.

our wise opinion maker says that US engaged in aggression against a sovereign country. here's news, those jihadist have also engaged in aggression against the very sovereignity of the philippines itself. the difference is that we've allowed a small band of thugs to dictate us and they don't even represent sovereign iraq! isn't this more degrading than being called the US's puppy? the happiness of the US is no longer the issue here, it is our stand against the very terrorism that we've experienced so far.

journalists are fine examples of terrorism so far. they may have not abducted someone and threaten his life, but they have held hostage truth itself.

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