Monday, July 05, 2004

Evil lurking everywhere

an abu sayyaf member was arrested in makati:
Ibno Alih Ordoñez who was arrested July 1 at the vicinity of the Integrated Montessori, an exclusive school in Makati City. Initial investigation showed that upon arriving in Manila in 2001 Ordoñez engaged himself in the school bus service, owning one unit. It is still being determined if his coming to Manila was to lay low from the rebel atrocities or to serve as a "spotter" of the extremist group for potential targets in Metro Manila.

imagine that: an abu sayyaf that close to children, trusted with their care and safety. he gets to bring them to school and back home. they all come aboard his service vehicle, blissfully unaware that he has been involved in the kidnapping of dozens of children like them and the death of their teachers.

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