Thursday, July 01, 2004

DLSU: willing accomplice to population control

Entitled "Assessment of Family Planning Clinics in Industry", the study was commissioned by The Social Acceptance Project-Family Planning (TSAP-FP) and was conducted by the Yuchengco Center of the De La Salle University with Dr. Trinidad Osteria as project director. TSAP-FP is a communication and advocacy project to promote social acceptance of family planning in the country. The project is implemented by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

i think this development supports my suspicions that i have posted earlier about dlsu's cooperation with groups harboring views that are fundamentally opposed to the catholic principles which dlsu purpotedly holds since it is a "catholic" university.

i wouldn't mind if they were conducted by groups affiliated with secular universities like UP, in fact i would expect such things from them, but for such a study to come from a purportedly catholic university is to many degrees shocking.

dlsu is, in my view, a willing accomplice in the population control program inspired by neo-malthusian concepts held by secular & liberal people from the US. i hope i'm wrong, but the evidence so far is on my side. the money, you see, is too big to ignore.

malthus would be correct if there are only two factors at play: resources and population, all else being equal. but in the real world, other factors creep in, sometimes with greater impact and significance than that of the two mentioned. ceterus paribus is true for explaining models and the relationship of economic factors, but it does not exist in the real world.

see how the population of america grows from migration and natural birth growth, yet it remains to be a land of abundance for people willing to work for it. the economic success of america lies in the view that everyone that sets foot on this land has an equal opportunity to attain the american dream. this is the model that we ought to emulate, not the population control model.

on the other hand, look at how france and germany have committed self-genocide. their worship of population control has reduced their nations into a people of old men. i believe that this the root cause of their economic woes. their consumer market will not survive with old men. new goods and services will not appeal to old people. thus companies can't create a market for their goods that would normally appeal to the young. if there's no market, there is hardly any incentive to produce the products and service. it is no wonder then that western companies are relocating to the new markets. these markets contain components/demographics that will demand for the products they make.

european countries may have stable and sustainable populations, but that same population is getting older. growing populations on the other hand remain youthful and markets grow with the young, not with the old. european economies will collapse not under the weight of their populations but with the fragility of their foundation which are the people themselves.

i guess the materialistic philosophies of old europe had wrong this all along. i do believe that the concept of curbing populations to attain economic success, will in the long run, backfire since its successes will only be true for the short term. for once their populations are extinguished, what economy will they speak of? the root cause of all this, i guess, was the view that man ought to serve wealth, but wealth has become an irresponsible master to those who serve it.

wealth is made for man, not man for wealth.

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