Monday, July 19, 2004

Bigornia sparks trouble again

why am i not surprised
"Apolinario, Bigornia said, raided ("ginapang") her guests who hours before they committed to appear in the show but moved to the rival channel's show.

Asked why many of the De la Cruz's relatives agreed to appear on GMA-7's show, Apolinario said: "They did not like (Bigornia) because they sensed her to be mataray (snooty)."

But Bigornia suspected that money was involved in the decision of De la Cruz's relatives to appear on Debate. "Tatapatan ko. Magsabi lang kayo (I would match the amount they paid you. Just tell me)," she told the relatives."

of course the views above came from GMA7 and would obviously be tainted by the bias against their rivals. but in any case, i'm mystified as to how and why such people get on tv. but then again, if you understand abs-cbn ang gma's standards (or sub-standards), it shouldn't be a surprise at all.

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