Sunday, July 18, 2004

Another Democrat at Conan O'Brien's show

this time, he had al sharpton. not long ago he had one of clinton's cabinet members who launched his new book on the show as well. the guy shocked me when he explicitly said that abortion should be made available to all, whilst conan's audience cheered. and conan also had michael moore once, bush's archcritic, to promote his movie that lambasted the president.

is it me, or are there just too many democrats appearing in conan's show? sure, they're there to promote a new moview, a new show or something, but are those things exclusive to democrats and republicans have nothing new to offer?

now, why am i fretting about such things when they're obviously irrelevant to me? i am, after all, a filipino, having no real business with american politics. well, the time i've spent in st. blog's parish has exposed me to how average americans view the democratic party being, as mark shea puts it, the "evil party" for their overwhelming support for abortion. i've taken this view for myself too, and i'm appalled at the good publicity they get on shows that mostly cater to young people who're also being malformed by the popularity of such a party.

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