Saturday, June 26, 2004

Palace to Guingona: Join national healing

first it was Pimentel, then it was Guingona. i don't understand them both. what happened to them? these brilliant minds who portrayed themselves as standing for principles have basically turned themselves into the laughing stock of the nation. perhaps that's the price of standing for their principles, no matter how senseless they are to us. but then again, you had the likes of "rev. atty. ely pamatong" to remind us that fortitude doesn't necessarily equate with sense and sanity.

personally, before the elections, i saw no future for pimentel, but pimentel managed to win and get another whiff of power. in guingona's case, i see no future either, but he might well follow pimentel's footsteps and do something else to make my head hurt. but i do hope that he won't.

i think advance age is catching up with these guys. perhaps they should see a shrink or something. their actions i.e., supporting fpj, simply do not correspond with my idea of sanity. perhaps it's a symptom of something. a sembleance of lucidity may hide something else. who knows? yes, the elections are over, but this is for their own personal welfare. they should see one soon.

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