Thursday, June 24, 2004

My impressions so far

although belonging to the opposition, i think cong. marcos summed up pretty well, in her explanation of her of negative vote, the objective of the opposition. they knew that that pgma's first 3 years in office was under the cloud of doubt as to its legitimacy. now they want to extend the lifespan of this doubt. doubt is a significant factor, nobody should ever underestimate how doubt can warp the truth or a perspective of the truth. that alone can allow these guys to maintain a clawhold on the administration.

anyway, i'm impressed how some congressmen have strongly defended their constituents from allegations of the opposition of cheating. it is interesting to note that they're doing this at 2-3 in the morning where i doubt much of their own constituents would witness their short speeches. the dignity of their provinces and the people they represent, as one congressman from pampanga noted, has been muddied by the opposition.

i, however, find a dawn or early morning proclamation weird to a certain extent. i remember christ's trial which took place at such a period in the day. but then again, it's not a trial, both that of christ and the joint session.

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