Monday, June 28, 2004

I can't write!

i have the lost the ability to write. by that i don't mean the ability of putting words together to express my thoughts, but rather the "scratching of characters to a surface." you know, writing with pen and paper.

since graduating from college more than a year ago, i have rarely written. when it comes to composing, i have always done such things through the keyboard. last saturday, i have actually witnessed how much the quality of my penmanship has diminished. it was already bad when i was still in school. now it's REALLY bad. i myself found it ugly. i kept on mixing cursive and print in the same line. i couldn't even read some of the stuff i wrote down.

i thought it was the pen. i used a different pen, a ballpen. i prefer using a signpen because its ink is darker and the lines it makes are finer and smoother. ballpens make the opposite. sometimes i can't read stuff written down with ballpens. anyway, i made the mistake of buying a ballpen (a pricey one) recently and being stingy and all, i opted to use it until it runs out of ink instead of finally buying a signpen.

but on the other hand, i actually know people who testified that they had the same experience. the quality of their penmanship diminished after a long period of not writing the traditional way. so i think this phenomenon isn't something i have to bear alone. but then again, my handwriting now is ugly and the quality of the ink and letters are just as bad.

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