Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dogs can predict epileptic seizures in children

"New Canadian research suggests that your canine friend may be able to predict epileptic seizures in children a few hours in advance. It was found that before a seizure the dog tended to lick the child's face, act in a protective manner or whimper."

interesting news. i've always observed that dogs, though animals, act like they're part of the human family to which they belong and i think they actually take their membership seriously. perhaps this is a remnant of their "wolf-pack" instincts.

i think i'll get a good dog when i start my own family and have it freely roam the house so that it could do its job for my kids. maybe i'll have it trained for other jobs like bomb/weapon sniffing, rescue, security, etc. that would be cool.

too bad muslims can't have them around as pets.

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